When you surrender a chinchilla to Second Chance Chins, we understand it's not always something you want to do, but sometimes it's necessity.  We are sensitive to the feelings of our clients, knowing how we'd feel if we were giving up our beloved pet.  This page outlines the guidelines and procedures for surrendering a chinchilla to us.

Please read the important notice on our home page

Due to the fact that we have closed our rescue, at least temporarily, we are no longer accepting surrender requests.  The exception to this is if the chinchilla you wish to surrender was originally adopted from us and needs to be returned to us because you can no longer care for it, or if you are a representative from a public shelter, such as a humane society or animal control and need our assistance.

If you are a private individual looking for a new home for your chinchilla(s), please see our Non-Michigan Assistance page, which gives suggestions on finding a rescue.  You may also find helpful information at Chincare.com.


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