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Second Chance Chins places chinchillas in new homes locally only.  Chinchillas are not shipped due to the stress factor and possibility of injury or death in doing so.  If you have reason to travel to southeast or mid-Michigan, such as visiting family or for business, an application will gladly be considered, please email prior to filling out an application to let us know your situation.

We are happy to accept chinchillas for rehoming from surrounding states, provided they are transported to us.

If you reside a distance away, you may find the information on this page of assistance in locating a rescue or shelter specializing in chinchilla care closer to you.

Here are some links to help you get started in your search:


You may also find other shelters or a private individual wishing to rehome their own chin at:

Be sure to check not only your own state, but any nearby neighboring states as well.  Depending upon where you are located in your state, you may find that someone in a neighboring state is quite a bit closer than someone in your own state.

If you find a chinchilla to adopt as a result of visiting this page, we'd love to hear your story!  Please email us and let us know.  We love to hear success stories!