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If you have a chinchilla that you can no longer keep, for whatever reason, please see the chinchilla surrender page for more information about our services and contact us.  Please also contact us if you know of a chinchilla in a shelter.  We'll do our best to rescue and find a new forever home for it.  We're located in Davisburg, MI which is in the Flint/Pontiac area, very near Clarkston and Holly.  

Please write to: Second Chance (remove spaces).   Please include your name, location of the chinchilla, and situation (chin at shelter, your chin needs new home, etc.)

Please do not ask us to phone you.   Our time is limited in what we are able to devote to rescue matters and funds we can devote to this purpose.  Telephone conversations do not allow us to have everything in writing for future reference, and are not as reliable in making quick contact with clients (aka: phone tag).  There's also the issue of the cost for repeated long-distance phone calls.