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This page lists chinchillas that are currently in our care that are awaiting new forever homes.

Please do not submit an application for adoption unless you see a chinchilla you are interested in adopting on this page, AND you are prepared to bring that chinchilla into your life once you are approved to adopt.  We are not able to hold applications until a chinchilla becomes available, or until applicants are "ready" to adopt.

We gladly hold chins as "adoption pending" for a short time while cages and supplies are purchased and readied for the chin to go to its new home.  We recommend applicants NOT purchase items prior to applying and being approved to adopt, as there are many items available that are marketed for chinchillas which, in our opinion, are NOT safe.   This also allows us to discuss with applicants what the most appropriate equipment for each chinchilla is, ensuring that each chinchilla is the happiest it can be in its new home.

Adoption fees are $50.00 for adult chins, $60.00 for young chins (generally 6 months or younger).  We charge adoption fees to ensure a good home to each chin.  Our fees do not rise based upon how long a chinchilla has been with us, or if they needed medical attention during their stay with us.  We feel that serves no purpose but to narrow the chances for some chins to be adopted.   ALL funds from adoption fees go back to the rescues in the form of food, supplies (litter, toys, water bottles, etc.), and veterinary care.  We do not personally profit from the adoption of our rescues.  Please click the button below to learn more about our adoption procedures.



Please note:  We place chins locally only!!!

We are located in Davisburg, MI which is in the Flint/Pontiac area, very near Clarkston and Holly.  Local is considered within approximately 3 hours travel of this area.  We do NOT ship chinchillas due to stress and safety factors.  Please click here if you are interested in adopting a chinchilla but live out of the stated service area for Second Chance Chins.  We do occasionally accept applications from people who are not considered local under certain circumstances.  If you are not local, have a special situation and are interested in adopting from us, please contact us for permission via email prior to filling out an adoption application.


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Noah returned to us here at Second Chance Chins on September 30, 1012.  He was born on September 3, 2009 to a pretty little female chinchilla named Sugar who came to us already expecting.  Noah was placed in a home in November, 2009, but returned to us because the family that adopted him said that he bites.  Noah has been nothing but the sweetest little man here with us.  He comes to the door of his cage with generally just a call of his name and a tap on his shelf, and enjoys being scratched under the chin and being petted.  Noah is an adorable little guy who is looking for the right home to love him for the rest of his life.  Noah's baby picture may be viewed here.




J.J. came to Second Chance Chins on June 6, 2012 as a transfer from the Michigan Humane Society in Rochester Hills.  He is a standard gray male, born approximately January 2010.  J.J. is a shortened version of the name he came to us with, Jub Jub.  He is a cute and social little man.  He has a flying saucer wheel in his cage and he enjoys running on it.  J.J. will probably take a little bit of time to get to know and trust his new family, but he is curious and wanting to know what's going on around him.  He's always ready and waiting for his nightly treat!  J.J. Was adopted on January 1, 2013 by a young family.  They did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions and we're confident that J.J. will have a great life with them.  J.J. has a cage that is identical to the one he lived in while with us, including a flying saucer wheel that he has come to really love running on.

Adopted 1/1/13!




Puck returned to Second Chance Chins on August 5, 2011.  He was here with us in 2007 and was placed in a new home in 2008.  His new mom needed to return Puck to our care due to major life changes she was encountering.  Puck still enjoys running on his wheel and sleeping on top of his house, although now he sleeps inside more than on top.  Puck had a bit of a medical issue while he's been with us, but he's fully recovered now and has a clean bill of health and has for some time.  He's ready to find a fantastic new home.




Aria came to Second Chance Chins on April 20, 2011 as a transfer from the Michigan Humane Society in Rochester Hills.  She is a standard gray female, born approximately February 2009.  She is a bit skittish, but she is so cute!  With a little time and patience, she'll make a wonderful pet. Because of her nervous nature, she does tend to fur chew a little, as you can see in the photos, but it's not a severe issue.  Aria loves having a lot of things to chew on and loves to run on her 15" Chin Spin and can really fly on it.  Miss Aria was adopted on January 27, 2013 by a great new mom.  Aria has a cage that is similar to the one she had with us, and has a flying saucer wheel as well!  We let her try out a saucer once her new mom had been approved to adopt and she LOVED it!  We are happy to have had the opportunity to care for Aria until she found just the right new home.

Adopted 1/27/13!




Rayne came to Second Chance Chins on April 20, 2011 as a transfer from the Michigan Humane Society in Rochester Hills.  She is a standard gray female, born approximately February 2009.  Rayne (pronounced "rain") is a very social little girl and has an absolutely adorable little personality.  She, like Aria, has a bit of a fur-chewing habit, which could be just from having other chinchillas near her.  Something that we unfortunately cannot avoid here.  Her fur is not currently as rough looking as it was when the photos of her were taken.  She is almost always up and wanting to know what is going on and looking for attention when there is activity near her cage and is ALWAYS ready for her nightly treat!  We've decided to welcome Rayne as a permanent member of our family.  Our three remaining girls are getting on in years, and we just love Rayne's wonderful personality.


Adopted 8/1/13!


Raquel joined us here at Second Chance Chins on March 26, 2011, along with her cage mate Bibi.  They came to us to find a new home due to medical issues of their former owner.  After being here for a while, we noticed that Bibi was having some difficulty eating, so she went to our vet to be checked.  She had some pretty serious dental issues and she was in severe pain.  Bibi was relieved of her suffering on August 15, 2011.  Raquel has taken everything in stride and seems to be quite content on her own.  Raquel is a pretty standard girl, born in approximately 2006.  She loves to sleep in her hammock, sometimes with her head hanging slightly off the edge.  She also enjoys running on her 15" Chin Spin wheel and sleeping in her roomy hidey-house.  We had suspected for some time that Raquel had some dental issues, although exams and radiographs (x-rays) did not really show much going on.  After an exam on May 15, 2013, the vet finally was able to find the source of Raquel's issues.  Root elongation in the upper molars, as I had suspected.  Raquel was relieved of her suffering and she was peacefully laid to rest on our property.


RIP Raquel 5/15/13


Sheila came to us on September 19, 2010, along with her then cage mate, Lola.  Lola needed surgery, and was separated from Sheila for her recovery.  After she recovered, we attempted several times to reintroduce the two, but it did not work out so they will find new homes separately.  Sheila is a big, gorgeous, dark standard gray female born approximately December, 2007.  She loves a good run on a wheel, and is enjoying a flying saucer wheel in her cage here with us.  Sheila is quite the sweet girl, but she is a bit skittish (except at treat time!).  She'll need a new family that is willing to be patient with her and gain her trust.  Lola and Sheila were surrendered to us for rehoming because of serious allergies to them that developed for their owner.




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