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Second Chance Chins is a team of chinchilla-lover's dedicated to the well-being of these magnificent exotics.  Our purpose is to provide a safe haven for chinchillas in transition to a new home, and to find the very best new homes possible for each and every one.  We will also participate in "railroading" chins to new homes.

Miranda is a former adoptive client, turned friend.  Miranda adopted a "ranchie" chin named Teddy in July, 2007.  Teddy was born without ears (he can hear, he just doesn't have ear flaps) and because he wasn't "perfect", he would have been pelted.  Teddy was rescued by Pet Homes For Ranchies (PHFR) and was transferred to us for placement.  Miranda also has another chinchilla, her first, named Genghis.  Miranda rescued a pair of chinchillas from a potentially bad situation and cared for them until she could get them to us.  We're glad that she did, because the female ended up being pregnant.  We are lucky to have Miranda as part of our team, fostering chins when we need a little help!

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This is Mya and husband, Jim (and Dexter as a puppy).  They met while they were both (literally) "horsing around".   They were married on horseback in May of 1998.  Mya enjoys horseback riding, quilting, gardening and working to restore their old farmhouse which was built in 1861 (to put that in perspective, it was Lincoln's first year in office when the house was built!).  Jim's favorite activities are working in the veggie garden, horseback riding and NOT going shopping!  Jim and Mya also work as weekend trail guides (leading trail rides) during the spring, summer and fall at a state park.

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